According to the EUSA European Universities Championships Rules & Regulations 2023 only competitors,who satisfy the following conditions may take part


  • Students who are officially registered for and pursuing a course of study at a university
  • Athletes must not be younger than 17 and older than 30 years.  Athletes must be born between the 01/01/1993 and 31/12/2006
  • former students of the institutions mentioned above who obtained their academic degree or diploma after January 01, 2022.


The details regarding participation refer to the EUSA Rules & Regulations 2023



Visa requirements and travel documents accepted by Switzerland

Every traveler must have a valid passport or identity card. Visa are required for a continuous stay of more than three months. If your stay is shorter than three months you only need to bring your valid passport with you.


For more information on visa requirements and travel documents accepted by Switzerland please visit:



August 2023


Wednesday, 23rd       

Arrivals and accreditation, Free training, Model Middle

Thursday, 24th

Free training, Model Middle and Model Sprint, General Technical Meeting, Opening Ceremony

Friday, 25th

Sprint Distance: Qualifications and Finals, Technical Meeting

Saturday, 26th

Middle Distance, Technical Meeting

Sunday, 27th

Sprint Relay; Closing Ceremony; Banquet

Monday, 28th











Competition Rules

The EUSA Regulations for Europeans University Championships and the Competition Rules for the IOF Foot Orienteering events (valid from1st January 2023) will be applied in the event.



Enterings / Winning times

Sprint Distance

Qualification and Final


Estimated winning time

12 – 15 minutes

Middle Distance


Estimated winning time

30 – 35 minutes

Sprint Relay

2 Competitors in one Team:

Estimated winning time per leg


- M/M (man/man)

12 – 15 minutes


- W/W (woman/woman)

- W/M (woman/man)


Both members of the team run twice.

One person can only run in one relay team.




Embargoed Areas

With reference to the Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events, the listed areas are strictly out of bounds for all potential 2023 Orienteering Championship team members (competitors, team leaders,coaches,doctors etc.) and other persons who, through their knowledge of the terrain or the events, may influence the result of the competitions.


Offences must be reported to the Technical Director Jürg Hellmüller by e-mail:



Copies of the most recent versions of the orienteering maps of the embargoed areas are published on our website


Overview map




Embargoed areas and previous O-maps:



St. Gallen - Old town

St. Gallen - Rosenberg




Previous O-maps (latest edition)

1) St.Gallen (Event Centre)


2) St.Gallen (Sprint Distance)



Rosenberg (2019)

St.Gallen-Altstadt (2020)


3) Hirschberg (Middle)



Hirschberg (2019)





4.) Appenzell (Spring Relay)



Appenzell (2021)



Map details





Contour interval

Sprint Distance   

Martin Stamm  


5 meters

Middle Distance

Beat Imhof


5 meters

Sprint Relay

Beat Imhof


2 meters


Maps are drawn according to the International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2017-2) and the International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSprOM 2019).



Terrain description

Sprint distance – St.Gallen

Urban terrain (city), 650 m above sea level.



Middle distance - Hirschberg




Orienteering terrain between 950 and 1150 m above sea level. Mostly coniferous forest. Hill sides with moderate to steep slopes. Some forest roads and hiking trails, varying vegetation on the ground. Runnability mostly good; visibility good. Some natural meadows with restricted areas.


Sprint relay – City of Appenzell



Urban terrain in a small city, 800 m above sea level with side streets and narrow footpaths; local traffic in some of the streets.




Touchfree SPORTident Air+ punching (SIAC) will be used on all events. Participants are asked to use their own SIAC card during the Championship week. A limited number of rental cards will be provided by the organiser.




According to the Swiss Orienteering Competition Rules it is forbidden to run with spike shoes in Switzerland. However, dobb spikes are allowed in forest races.



Training opportunities and training maps

Model events

Official model events on new maps (all of them surveyed and drawn in 2023) will be open on Wednesday 23th Sitterwald and Rotmonten (Sprint, Sprint Relay).


Free trainings

Other training possibilities in relevant terrain prior to the championship: Gossau (Sprint, Sprint Relay), Dietschwilerhöhi (Middle).


Maps can be purchased laser-printed. Prices: Maps without controls, € 3.00 per copy, with controls € 5.00 per copy.


All enquiries about training opportunities should be addressed to the Sport Director Rolf Bollhalder bye-mail: ...



EUSA is committed to the principles of fair play and upholds the principles of antidoping at all its events.

The GTM will include information about expectations in regards to antidoping matters.

Failure to attend antidoping test when marked/selected is a breach of disciplinary protocol. The delegation is automatically disqualified and additional sanctions shall be imposed by EC after the EUC.

Any competitor found to test positive on doping control procedure will be excluded from all future EUSA events for the period of 2 (two) years. In such circumstances a report will be submitted to WADA, ISF, to the rector of his university, NUSA and

NSF. EUSA EC may impose additional sanctions.






Daniel Studer, Event Director, Mob +41 79 614 98 71, ...

Jürg Hellmüller, Technical Director, Mob +41 79 623 26 92, ...

Rolf Bollhalder, Sports Director, Mob +41 79 777 71 46, ......