On behalf of the European University Sports Federation (EUSA), the 2023 EUSA University Championship Orienteering will be organised by the 2023 Championship Orienteering Organising Committee in the name of the University of St.Gallen. It is a close cooperation of the experienced EUC/WUC organizer Unisport St.Gallen together with Swiss Orienteering and orienteering specialists.


  •          2023 Championship Orienteering Organising Committee:
             Unisport University of St.Gallen / Swiss Orienteering / Orienteering  Specialists


In co-operation with

  •          Swiss University Sports
  •          OLG St.Gallen Appenzell / OL Regio Wil
  •          City of St.Gallen
  •          Villages Gais and Appenzell



Event Director/President OC                                  Daniel Studer

Technical Director / Vice-President                       Jürg Hellmüller

Sports Director                                                         Rolf Bollhalder

EUSA Senior Event Adviser                                     Dusan Vistavel (CZE)

National Event Adviser/IOF TD Orienteering       Therese Achermann (SUI)